YouTube adds voice commands on the web for a smoother user experience

YouTube added a voice command input feature that lets you search for queries or navigate videos on the streaming platform. With the voice commands you can search for videos on the platform, navigate through results or pages and also play content. According to a report, the feature also recognizes natural language commands for simple operations. Last month, the video streaming platform added HDR support for live streams as well. The new UI function is easy to use and is similar to the voice search function of Android or iOS.

Tap the microphone icon on the right of the search bar to use the hands-free navigation commands. This will open a box on the screen showing the text “Listen”. This is where you need to enter your audio commands. When you’ve played a video, YouTube will automatically pause it so you can give your voice commands. There’s also another microphone icon at the bottom of the new screen. You can use this to temporarily turn off or on Narrator.

Users can choose from a variety of languages ​​to perform the voice command. I tried searching through my inquiries using English and Malayalam. A transcription of the queries is displayed on the field before the search results page opens. To my surprise, the microphone even picked up the Malayalam voice command accurately and displayed the desired results.

When you enter a command that says, “Play Lynyrd Skynyrd,” a random song by the band starts playing immediately. However, if you just say “Lynyrd Skynyrd” in your voice command, the band’s official site (related to the search query) will open and display the list of their albums and songs, and let you choose which ones to play.

According to a Report from 9to5GoogleSearch is also smart enough to recognize natural language commands. Example: “Show me videos of cute cats” will only search for “videos of cats”.

The audio command feature on can also be used to navigate other areas of the website. You can get queries like “See my subscriptions” or “What’s new with my subscriptions?” Enter and go straight to your subscription page. You can also search for “view my library” or “view my watch history” and the app will direct you to the appropriate pages.

Last month, YouTube added HDR quality support for live stream video, so viewers can stream HDR content on any supported device.

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