With WhatsApp, you can now easily clean up the memory used up by messaging junk

WhatsApp introduces a redesigned memory management tool to remove junk messages. This tool was discovered online earlier this year. With the new storage management tool, WhatsApp users can easily identify, review, and bulk erase content to free up storage space on their phones. The tool also makes it easy to identify and delete unnecessary files that have been forwarded or shared multiple times using the instant messaging app. The redesigned storage management tool that is being rolled out to WhatsApp users worldwide this week also has several cleanup suggestions.

Using WhatsApp Storage Management Tool

Once the tool is available on your phone, you can access the redesigned memory management tool by logging in the settings > Storage and data > Manage storage on whatsapp.

Previously, WhatsApp only listed chats in the “Memory Usage” section that allowed users to free up space on their phones. However, the new change overhauls that experience by introducing an entirely new user interface with a special bar that shows how much space is being used by WhatsApp media content among other apps. There is also a special option for viewing media files that are redirected multiple times through the app. This helps to easily identify and clean up unnecessary forwarded files.

The redesigned memory management tool also lists files that are larger than 5MB. You can also sort files by size and preview them before deleting them. The redesign will keep the existing chat list from which you can identify the threads that are taking up more space.

In addition, WhatsApp offers the ability to notify users directly via a message through their chats when their storage space is almost full. Users can tap this message for quick access to the redesigned storage management tool.

The first signs of the redesigned storage management tool were seen in June when WhatsApp was discovered adding certain options to delete large files as well as redirected content. However, it was found that the Facebook-owned company added more updates to its “memory usage” section in August. The revamped storage management tool also reached WhatsApp beta for final testing in late September.

Since WhatsApp isn’t limited to high-end or midrange smartphones with more storage space and is also used on entry-level devices, the new update will likely help solve storage problems for the masses. This can also help the app maintain its user base, as some users often complain that this creates performance issues on their phones, mostly affecting their phones internal storage.

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