Where to buy the Xbox Series S: the latest price and inventory updates

If you’re wondering where to buy Xbox Series S today, here’s the latest updates for inventory retailers. That means you can get right to the top with the latest information on the latest Xbox Series S inventory. Those virtual doors are now open so you can checkout when you have the cheapest next-gen console up for grabs.

The cheaper Xbox is sure to be that popular. The X Series is an additional $ 200 / £ 200, so the super affordable S Series is uniquely positioned to appeal to a wide range of customers. So far, it has been a little easier to buy Xbox Series S, as stocks held up a little longer in both the US and UK overall – but we still wouldn’t wait too long, these have been blown off the shelves.

Source link : https://www.techradar.com/news/xbox-series-s-price-pre-order-specs-live-now