Where to Buy a Nintendo Switch: How to Find a Switch That Is Currently in Stock

You are not alone in wondering where to buy a Nintendo Switch. With stock levels at retailers around the world, many Nintendo fans are still waiting to get their hands on either the full-fledged console or the pure handheld lite version. That said, we’re seeing the Nintendo Switch in stock a bit more often right now, and with rumors of a resumption of production things could get a little more stable soon.

The reason these consoles keep selling out is obvious: a lot of people have been banned in the past few months, and this is the best console right now as Xbox One and PS4 are being replaced this year. Visit our Nintendo Switch Bundles and Deals page for 24/7 information on how console supplies work. However, below is information on how to choose on the Internet. If you’re just looking for a handheld, you can find the latest deals and sales for Nintendo Switch Lite too. We also bring you the best affordable Pro Controller prices so you can get the full experience.

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