Uniqlo brings its popular AIRism mask to India: what makes it so special?

In the new normal, wearing a face mask is more important than anything else in your life. While we are all gradually moving towards a work-from-home culture, there are times when you really need to get out and then you need a face mask. But not all face masks are great for you. Some don’t fit well while others aren’t comfortable enough.

Uniqlo, a Japanese company that is transforming the apparel business worldwide, has launched its AIRism Mask in India. Powered by the company’s AIRism technology that promises both comfort and safety, these new washable masks are perfect if you want to live a life in the new normal. These masks are popular all over the world and are finally available in India.

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How good are these new AIRism masks? When Uniqlo launched them in Japan earlier this year, buyers from the country lined up in the company’s stores to purchase these masks. That’s not all, Uniqlo’s website also crashed due to increasing demand.

What makes these AIRism masks so special? In simple terms: These face masks are made of a breathable fabric that makes them very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. They’re washable so you can use them again and again, and they’re safe enough to wear out in public.

AIRism is Uniqlo’s patented comfort conditioning technology used in a wide variety of products. The technology helps distribute moisture, release heat, and draw sweat away from the skin. The process always keeps your skin cool and comfortable.

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Japanese customers line up to buy Uniqlo’s AIRism masks
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Uniqlo’s AIRism Mask has a unique three-layer protective structure that makes it ideal in these times. The AIRism fabric, a Japanese innovation, can keep moisture out and make the mask comfortable for longer.

In the middle there is a filter that is washable and protects against harmful elements in the air. This filter can block 99 percent of the particles present in polluted air, including bacteria and pollen. The outer mesh fabric blocks 90 percent of ultraviolet rays, making it perfect for daytime wear. In addition, these AIRism masks are fully washable and reusable.

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The AIRism mask can adapt to all weather conditions thanks to the intelligent, breathable AIRism fabric that releases heat and moisture. All of this ensures that the mask remains odor-free with prolonged use. The stretchy material makes it comfortable for almost everyone to wear over the face. The masks are also available in different sizes.

The company behind AIRism Mask, Uniqlo, is a Japanese company that makes high quality, unique apparel products for its customers around the world. The company recently moved to India and currently operates four stores in the country. Customers can also buy Uniqlo products online.

You can purchase Uniqlo’s AIRism Mask online from the company’s website. The comfortable face masks cost Rs. 590 for a three-pack and come in three different sizes. So what are you waiting for? Grab one AIRism Maskand step out with confidence while making sure you are still comfortable.


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