Twitter will implement its revised verification policy on January 20th

Twitter’s review policy has been revised and will be implemented on January 20, 2021. The company shared the development via a blog post, stating that the verified badge will also be automatically removed from inactive and incomplete accounts. Last month, the social media platform announced its plans to restart the verification program in early 2021 and requested public feedback, which, according to Twitter, has shaped the revised verification policy. The company halted public filings for review in 2017 because of the confusion it created.

Twitter shared a few Key changes that made it the revised Review Policy This will be implemented on January 20, 2021. For strangers, a verified account has a blue tick next to the username. Twitter said the two weeks of public feedback The period drew more than 22,000 survey responses that helped shape the new policy. The criterion that a profile is classified as “complete” has been adjusted slightly. An account now doesn’t need to submit a profile bio or header image for review. Twitter’s links to Wikipedia have been updated to improve awareness and article quality.

The “News” and “Sports” categories become “News and Journalists” and “Sports and Sports”, respectively, to be more inclusive. A reference is displayed in the Entertainment category for the clear involvement of the digital content creators. The original policy was that an account to be verified on Twitter must have a minimum number of followers per country. The revised directive changes this on a regional basis to make it “more geographically fair”.

Public feedback is asked for additional review categories such as academics, scholars, and religious leaders. Twitter is looking into implementing these or similar categories in the next year. Until then, people falling under these categories may qualify under the “Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential People” category.

According to Twitter, a full account must have either a verified email address or phone number, a profile picture, and a display name. When the policy is enforced in the next year, the company will remove the verified check mark from incomplete and inactive accounts as well. In the event that an account is at risk of losing its verification, Twitter will send a notification to inform the user of the necessary changes.

For saved accounts, Twitter said, “In 2021 we plan to create a new type of account designed specifically for saved accounts. This will also come with an updated reminder policy and a new application flow for requesting an account reminder. “

Although January 20, 2021 is the implementation date for the new policy, users cannot request a review right away because reported by The Verge. Twitter will submit its verification application in early 2021.

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