Telegram users in Europe and the Middle East faced connectivity problems

Telegram is the latest service to experience an internet outage in a week that left YouTube, Gmail and other Google services, as well as Netflix, experiencing prolonged downtime. It’s not clear what the problem with Telegram is at the moment, but the instant messaging app has confirmed via Twitter that there are indeed problems. The company said the problems are mostly in Europe and the Middle East and that it is working to get users back online. Nearly a thousand complaints have been filed in the past 30 minutes, according to Downdetector.

There have been major outages on some of the biggest online platforms this week, and Telegram is currently facing a problem for the second time in December. The Company tweeted to acknowledge the problem and said it works to get users back online. Previously, Telegram faced major downtime again on December 5, which the company confirmed again via a Tweet. During this outage, users in Asia were hardest hit.

Google had a major outage on Monday that affected all of the company’s services. YouTube was hit hardest according to user reports, but the incident affected all of Google’s various services, from Gmail to Docs and tools like Google Analytics. Although the outage lasted only an hour, it showed how dependent most of us are on the various offerings from the search giant. Then, on Tuesday night, Google faced a second outage that lasted even longer for two and a half hours.

Netflix was next this week, with a two and a half hour global outage on Tuesday, though that mostly affected the iOS app. “Some of our members in the US, Canada and South America were unable to use Netflix for less than an hour this morning through our iOS apps,” a statement from Netflix said. “The problem is now fixed and we apologize for the inconvenience.”


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