Samsung introduces Neo-QLED TVs with new backlighting and multi-output audio

The Samsung Neo QLED and MicroLED TV models were presented on Wednesday at a virtual event ahead of CES 2021. The new portfolio aims to provide a better viewing experience with improved contrast and better backlighting, and to reach the next generation through features such as sign language zoom and multi-output audio. In addition to the new Neo QLED and MicroLED TVs, Samsung launched its new The Frame TV, which is thinner than previous models and designed to offer users a more customizable experience.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs Features, Specifications

The Samsung Neo QLED TVs are available in 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models and feature new displays that use Quantum Mini LED as the next generation light source. The Quantum Mini-LED is up to 40 times smaller than a conventional LED. Instead of using a lens to diffuse the light, it has thin microlayers filled with more LEDs for better backlighting than a traditional LED display. In addition to proprietary mini-LED technology, the South Korean company’s Neo QLED televisions use Quantum Matrix technology, which provides balanced lighting by precisely controlling the LEDs available behind the display.

The combination of Quantum Mini LED and Quantum Matrix technology enables Neo QLED to increase the luminance scale to 12 bits in 4,096 steps, Samsung said. The improvements help to make dark areas darker and light areas lighter, making for an immersive HDR experience.

Samsung has also used its Neo Quantum Processor to provide new upscaling capabilities for the Neo QLED TVs. The new processing unit will use up to 16 different neural network models to optimize the image quality to 4K and 8K regardless of the input quality.

The presence of the new display technologies on the Neo QLED TVs not only helps improve the picture quality, but also provides a near-frameless experience as well as a sleek design. The TVs come with a clip-on cable management system called Slim One Connect.

On the audio side, the Samsung Neo QLED TVs come with Object Tracking Sound Pro, which supposedly helps create dynamic sound that matches the movement of objects on the screen. There’s also a SpaceFit Sound feature that emits immersive sound based on the physical environment of the TV.

The Neo QLED TVs are pre-installed with Samsung Health and Super Ultrawide GameView functions. There is also an optional smart camera solution with a USB port that follows users’ movements and works with Google Duo to enable video calls. The new TVs can also be connected to a PC or compatible smartphone so that you can work and study from home.

In terms of accessibility, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs have subtitle panning, sign language zoom, and multi-output audio to help the hard of hearing, deaf, visually impaired and blind people. The company also unveiled a Voice Guide feature that will expand through 2022 to support people with hearing and visual impairments.

The 2021 Neo QLED TVs will also come in Samsung’s eco-friendly packaging, which is designed to recycle up to 200,000 tons of corrugated boxes per year. You also get a solar-powered remote control that does not require AA or AAA batteries and that can be charged via indoor lighting, outdoor lighting or USB. The remote control is also made with upcycled plastics made from recyclable bottles.

Samsung MicroLED TVs

In addition to the Neo QLED TVs, Samsung presented its MicroLED TVs for 2021, which are available in sizes 110 and 99 inches. These new televisions are equipped with 24 million individually controlled micrometer-sized LED lights to provide improved backlighting. There’s also a monolith design that’s said to have a screen-to-body ratio of over 99 percent. The televisions are pre-installed with a 4Vue function that allows you to view up to four different content sources at the same time. In addition, there is Majestic Sound for 5.1 channel audio output without the need for an external speaker.

Samsung Microled TV 2021 Samsung MicroLED TV

Samsung MicroLED TV has a screen-to-body ratio of 99 percent

Samsung showed off its commercial 110-inch microLED TV last month, which debuted with a MicroLED display after some unique models like ‘The Wall’ and was limited to the South Korean market. However, the introduction of the new televisions suggests that the company now intends to expand its MicroLED developments into the global television markets.

Samsung The Frame 2021

Samsung’s portfolio for 2021 is also taking the lifestyle TV category to a new level with a new version of The Frame. This is half thinner compared to previous versions and corresponds to the depth of a traditional picture frame. There are also new clip-on bezel options in five different color options and two different customizable styles. The company has also updated its Art Store, which allows users to put over 1,400 curated pieces on The Frame TV’s still screen. There is an artificial intelligence (AI) based autocuration technology for analyzing consumer preferences in order to recommend works of art.

Samsung Frame TV 2021 Samsung Frame TV 2021 The Frame

The Samsung The Frame 2021 corresponds to the thickness of a conventional picture frame

Although The Frame is intended for a niche market and not aimed at the masses, Samsung stated that it has sold over a million units since it launched in 2017.

Samsung has not yet announced the prices of its 2021 smart TVs. However, given the features and technologies used, the Neo QLED TVs are likely to be priced similar to the company’s existing QLED TVs. The new MicroLED TVs and The Frame, on the other hand, are expected to come with some premium prices.