Philips is suing Delhi High Court against Xiaomi for patent infringement

Philips has moved the Delhi Supreme Court to ban Xiaomi from selling phones that violate its patents. Philips is filing a court order against the Chinese smartphone maker, its affiliates, officers or agents. The court has ordered Xiaomi and other defendants in a file statement to hold a certain amount in their bank accounts held in India. The consumer electronics company has also requested an injunction to stop the import of Xiaomi smartphones to India, including the models indicated in its application.

In its plea, Philips sought to restrict the manufacture or assembly, import, sale, offer for sale and advertising, including through its websites and third party websites, of certain smartphones. The company is also attempting to sue the court against future devices or models that include the enhancement of Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) (HSPA, HSPA +) and LTE technologies that infringe Philips’ patents.

In one (n to order Adopted on November 27, the Delhi Supreme Court ordered Xiaomi and other defendants to withhold an amount of Rs. 1,000 crores in their bank accounts operated in India. The court order reads: “… the defendants must keep an amount of Rs in their bank accounts held in India. 1,000 crores. This statement will be put on record. It is made clear that the defendants are bound by the testimony of their attorney. The defendants are required to file the details of the bank accounts held in India which have the amount of Rs. On or before December 2, 2020, 1,000 crores will be waited. “

Philips also applied for an injunction directing the Central Board of Excise and Customs to provide the necessary instructions to customs authorities in every Indian port, including airports, to permit the importation of Xiaomi cell phones, including those in its Port specified models, restrict application.

The court order also stipulated that the response should be submitted within four weeks. It added: “Any rejoinder must be filed within two weeks of this.” The next hearing will take place on January 18, 2021.

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