Oppo, Nendo show “Slide-Phone” and “Music-Link” concept devices

In cooperation with Nendo, Oppo presented the concept devices “Slide-Phone” and “Music-Link” at the fourth China International Industrial Design Expo (CIIDE). The Chinese smartphone maker has teamed up with Japanese design company Nendo to create two concept devices that focus on classic design and convenience. The “Slide-Phone” concept phone has three foldable screens that allow you to use the phone in various forms as you wish. The TWS headphone concept “music-link” includes a range of devices such as a smartwatch, an AI speaker, a portable charger and a wireless charger.

Oppo shared the development via a Press releaseand a number of Tweets. However, the demo videos best explain how these concepts work. The concept of the “slide phone” is based on a triple-fold screen system. When fully folded, it is the size of a credit card. The first time it is unfolded, 40 mm of the display is expected to be shown. This should be enough for simple tasks like checking notifications, checking your call history, or accessing music player controls.

When you open it a second time, 80 mm of the display will be visible for selfies. The third unfold shows the entire screen, which is ideal for gaming, multitasking or watching videos. The “slide phone” concept also has a built-in pen for writing down notes. The physical buttons on the sides have multiple functions depending on what level you unfold them. Towards the end of the video, the phone is slid into a cradle and some of the panels have different colors, indicating that the outer panels are customizable. It definitely looks very cool, but you have to keep in mind that for now it’s just a concept video at best.

Oppo and Nendo also showed the “Music Link” concept over Twitter That revolves around a pair of TWS headphones, which can work differently depending on the accessory you pair them with. Once again, the video best explains Oppos vision for this product. The TWS earphones are designed so that they can be plugged together to form an ellipse. In this form you can wear them around your neck as a pendant.

It is intended to connect a neck strap to turn them into neckband earphones. The earbuds can also be wrapped around a smartwatch which appears to be self-powered to the watch, although it is not clear why a user would want to. The video then shows the charging case, which can be docked on a wireless speaker, not only to charge the headphones, but also to switch audio playback from the headphones to the speaker. Finally, the video shows the various ways in which headphones and charging cases can be charged using special accessories.

It’s hard to say if any of these concepts will ever make it into production in their current form. But that doesn’t mean that Oppo won’t have any crazy products in stock for us next year. At the end of last month, the company showed the Oppo X 2021 smartphone with a rollable OLED display that can expand the display size from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches. I don’t think we’re all going to be using foldable phones in a rush, but it’s nice to see manufacturers are still experimenting and trying new concepts to keep innovations alive.

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