Oppo AR Glasses, Concept Phone will be launched on November 17th

Oppo AR glasses are expected to be unveiled on November 17th along with a new concept phone and AR applications. The company is holding a special event for Oppo Inno Day 2020 in China and has now confirmed that the AR glasses will then be launched. The IoT product was teased in a poster and looks just like the sunglasses you are wearing. The Oppo AR glasses will likely come with a variety of sensors to give users a complete experience. In addition to the AR glasses, Oppo has also spiced up the arrival of a concept phone that may show innovations on-screen.

The company has taken over Weibo The teaser poster contains a photo of the glasses and shows that the Oppo AR glasses are similar to sunglasses. There’s a metal frame around the edges and additional black curtain frames to block out surrounding distractions. It should look like it’s going to be an immersive experience, and the Weibo post says (translated), “Sit 3 meters away and enjoy the immersive experience of a 90-inch large screen.”

The company would also like to introduce a concept phone at the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event on November 17th. The Weibo teaser suggests that it should offer an innovative view of the screen. A partial view of the phone is given and it has curved edges. It could be a foldable phone with a folding screen, or it could be the one offered in the Galaxy Fold range. In either case, this will only be a concept phone and is not expected to be launched commercially.

Besides these products, Oppo also has teased the arrival of an AR app for spatial computers designed to offer interesting overlaid views of the virtual world. Further details should also be announced during the event on November 17th.

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