Odoo Website Builder Review

Odoo is a versatile service that offers hundreds of integrated business applications covering areas such as website building, e-commerce, sales, marketing, inventory, accounting, help desk, and more. That’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Both individuals and businesses can sign up for just a handful of apps and ignore everything else. In this review, we will focus on Odoo’s website builder and a small number of related features, including the Odoo blog.


Do you need additional functions? Add them to your site using another app(Image credit: Odoo)

However, the real strength of Odoo is the way it allows you to expand your initial app selection by incorporating others as needed. For example, you can start with a website and then add the core ecommerce app eBay, Email Marketing, whichever suits your needs.


Odoo’s pricing is a bit different from other website builders because they focus on apps(Image credit: Odoo)

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