iPhone 12 mini touchscreen not responding in one case, user report

iPhone 12 Mini early adopters are reporting a touchscreen issue from day one. The problem only seems to be on the lock screen, so users cannot access the camera or flashlight, or just swipe up to unlock the screen. iPhone 12 Mini users report that the inability to respond to lock screen taps only occurs with a case and screen protector in place, and there has been speculation that it could be a conductivity or grounding issue. Apple has not yet recognized the problem, and there is no clarity on what is causing this or whether a software update can fix it.

Apple forums, Macrumors forums, and Reddit are filled with complaints from users about this touch screen issue on iPhone 12 mini. The problem only seems to be on the lock screen and occurs when the iPhone 12 mini is in a case and also has a screen protector. Affected users cannot start the camera or flashlight from the lock screen, or swipe up to unlock it. Touching something conductive like the frame of the phone or the frame of the camera lens can fix the problem.

After unlocking, the touchscreen problems will go away and the iPhone 12 mini will work smoothly again. Apple has not yet recognized the problem. Possible workarounds include not installing a screen protector or a protective case. Users report that the problem only occurs when both are installed. In addition, users report that iPhone 12 mini lock screen touch issue resolves itself when plugged into a charger. Hopefully Apple will provide more clarity on the nature of the problem and offer a solution soon.

The iPhone 12 mini was sold in India just a few days ago. It’s priced at Rs. Rs. 69,900 for the 64 GB storage option, Rs. 74,900 for the 128 GB mode and Rs. 84,900 for the 256 GB storage option.

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