How to top up your phone using Google Pay

Google Pay, the tech giant’s digital payments app, is a popular platform for users in India to easily send and receive money. However, the app also offers a number of spin services to its members, including the ability to top up a prepaid cell phone. If you are a Jio, Vi (Vodafone Idea), Airtel, MTNL or BSNL subscriber in India, you can top up your phone in a few easy steps through Google Play. In addition to cell phone charging, users can also pay their utility bills such as utility bill, gas bill and DTH top-up through Google Play.

For prepaid subscribers in India, Google Pay is an easily accessible option to top up mobile phones. For those interested, here are step-by-step instructions on how to top up mobile phones using Google Pay.

How to top up your phone with Google Pay

If you’ve never used Google Pay, you’ll need to download it before starting the steps above Google play or Appstore. Registering in the free downloadable app is also a simple process. It asks for your cell phone number and checks it via an OTP in order to register. Prepaid customers of Jio, Vi (Vodafone Idea), Airtel, MTNL and BSNL can use the mobile top-up service free of charge. Follow the steps below to do a mobile top-up on Google Pay:

  1. Download Google Pay and register by following the simple steps on the screen.

  2. Allow the app the necessary permissions for a seamless experience.

  3. Once you are registered, go to PeopleSection on the home page.

  4. Click on Mobile charging and enter the mobile number to link them.

  5. You can access your contact list on the phone to top up any number, or just type it in if you know it verbatim. If you enter the number manually, Google Pay will offer you contact suggestions from your contact list.

  6. Once the number is selected and linked you will be given a list of plans to choose from. There is aTo you Tab with suggestions based on your charging history. There is also a RecommendedTab, a DataTab that offers plans with only data benefits, above– –AboveTab that only provides talk time balance, and Special charging Tab that offers a mix of plan options.