Google Photos introduces the Paid Color Pop feature to the Editing Suite

Google introduced a new editor on Android with AI suggestions and more granular controls that allows users to edit their images right in the app over the past month. Suggestions such as “Enhance” and “Color Pop” were added to allow users to make changes to their photos. Now a Google spokesperson has confirmed that it is now adding a new version of its Color Pop feature that users can add to any photo without limiting it to those with depth information. To use this new paid Color Pop feature, Google Photos users need to purchase a Google One subscription. According to the report, Google plans to introduce more tools in the editing suite that may require a paid plan.

Engadget reached after Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developer on Google tweeted The Google Photos Color Pop function is blocked behind a Google One paywall. Google replied that Color Pop for photos with depth information is available for free. However, to use the feature for other images, users must purchase a Google One membership.

“In Google Photos, Color Pop is a feature that is still available to everyone free of charge for photos with depth information (e.g. portrait). As part of an ongoing rollout that began earlier this year, Google One members can apply the feature to even more photos of people, including those without depth information, ”a Google spokesman told Engadget.

Google wants to add additional premium functions to Photos in the future. XDA developers have moved into the code Updated from Google Photos 5.18 and found several strings intended to prompt premium editing tool users for access with Google One membership. The report said that prompts like “Get access to additional editing features as a Google One member,” “Get additional editing features with a Google One membership,” “Unlock this feature and more with a Google One membership” were found. “And” Unlock further editing functions and {amount of memory} storage with a Google One membership. “

There is no clarity on what these new premium editing features might look like and Google is expected to provide clarity on that soon. The search giant has already started adding color pop for every photo behind a paywall. Users should see more such premium editing tools in the app in the future.


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