Epic games don’t retreat against Apple after Fortnite Ban

Epic Games is not withdrawing from a fight with Apple, even if Fortnite is staying out of the App Store. A day after saying Apple was not entitled to “the fruit of Epic’s labor” in court files, Apple CEO Tim Sweeney took pictures on Twitter while responding to user comments on the ongoing legal process. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store in August after Epic Games gave players the option to pay directly to the game developer for in-app purchases in order to bypass Apple’s 30 percent fee.

“What worries most about Apple’s position is that they seem to genuinely believe that they“ own ”all the phone sales they make and label direct payments as theft, smuggling, and even shoplifting. It’s a crazy, misguided view, ”Sweeney wrote on Twitter yesterday. In one of several responses to comments on his post, he said that just because Apple sold a phone it doesn’t have the right to tax and control the person who bought the phone.

Epic got into a fierce #FreeFortnite campaign A fight against “anti-competitive restrictions on the market for mobile devices” is described against Google and Apple. However, US District Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers, who negotiated her case against Apple, did not issue an injunction that could be used to unlock Fortnite in the App Store.

Apple has claimed that removing Fortnite from the App Store was fair. The company recently said that its conduct was appropriate, that its actions were taken in good faith to advance legitimate business interests, and that they encourage, encourage, and increase competition. “The apparent disregard for contractual obligations and other misconduct by Epic has caused Apple considerable damage,” quoted The Verge of Apple Court records on Friday.

Lawyers representing Epic Games in the lawsuit against Apple were quoted in a report TechCrunch on the grounds that Epic violated some of the contractual restrictions Apple placed on iOS developers because they were illegal. “Epic spoke out against Apple’s monopoly to illustrate that iOS can be competitive and that consumers would appreciate and benefit from it. Epic did this without prior notice to Apple, because otherwise Apple would have used its monopoly control to prevent this competition, “the lawyers quoted the report as saying.

But Apple isn’t just on the wrong side of Epic Games these days. Facebook Games was recently launched as a cloud service offering titles like Asphalt 9 that are launched directly from the social network for Android users and is not available on iOS devices. Play vice president Jason Rubin tweeted yesterday, saying Apple has turned down multiple requests for approval of its iOS cloud concepts.

While Apple did not respond to Rubens’ allegations of blocking the use of Facebook games on iOS devices, Judge Rogers did According to reports recommended holding a court hearing sometime in July 2021 to settle Epic Games’ civil lawsuit against them.

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