Download Window manager

WindowManager allows you to improve your workflow by saving and restoring the position and size of your programs and windows. Many programs don’t remember their location and size between sessions, and even Windows Explorer doesn’t always restore Windows to its last location. This is where WindowManager comes in and ensures that your windows are placed exactly where you want them every time you open them. WindowManager even lets you position and size a window so it always opens in the same place no matter where you move it. Window handling is fully customizable and you can set specific rules for your favorite or most frequently used windows.


  • Saves and restores the position and size of your most recently used windows
  • Supports Explorer windows, programs, dialogs, etc.
  • Special rules only for moving or dimensioning etc.
  • Ignore list to prevent position or size changes
  • Fully customizable

What’s new:

  • Fix: Problem when programs change the screen resolution

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