Download Win toolkit

With this tool you can integrate addons, drivers, gadgets, language packs, changed files, theme packs, optimizations, unattended installers and updates. You can also remove features like Windows Media Player and customize the status of standard Windows services. Win Toolkit also includes additional tools that allow you to convert files, create ISOs, download the latest updates (thanks to SoLoR and McRip), and fully customize your images to customize your Windows installation disk exactly to your needs.

Win Toolkit is the new name for Windows 7 Toolkit as it works for Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well.

All-in-one integrator

This is the best tool in Win Toolkit. It allows integrating, adding, removing components, drivers, gadgets, language packs, editing services, unattended installations, SFX, theme packs, optimizations, updates and background images!

ISO Maker

This is what it says on the can, it creates your ISO file for you to burn! Now supports UEFI!

USB boot preparation

Prepares your USB stick so that you can install Windows from there. Of course, your computer must support booting via USB!

All-in-one hard drive creator

With this tool you can combine all your WIM files on one DVD. Most often, x86 and x64 hard drives are merged.

Unsupervised creator

I am sure you can guess what this is. This will create an unattended file that you will use to install Windows. Just create the new file and make sure to put it in the DVD root directory.

WIM manager

Manage and edit your install.wim. For example, you can rename pictures, delete pictures, add new ones, create ISO, recreate, mount, unmount, etc. You can also use this tool to incorporate your unattended files.

Component removal

You can use this program to remove over 100 components that come with Windows. Some of these are Internet Explorer, IIS, Windows Media Player, sample images, Tablet PC components, etc. I also plan on adding more at some point.

WIM registry editor

This tool mounts the WIM and then the registry so that you can add your optimizations to that image

Note: XP and Vista users: You must use the DISM installer and .NET Framework 3.5 for Win Toolkit to work on your operating system.