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With TMeter you can measure the data traffic in real time flexibly and precisely according to any conditions (e.g. IP address of source / destination, protocol, port, etc.) and output the collected statistics immediately in graphics or other reports.

TMeter has a built-in NAT (Network Address Translation) engine that allows multiple hosts on a private network to access the Internet using a single public IP address. The firewall (also integrated TMeter) protects your host or your network from unwanted access from the Internet. The traffic shaper can be used to limit the speed of Internet access (e.g. 256 kbit / s) for certain users.

The TMeter Authorization Agent can be used to authenticate users from the LAN using native TMeter authentication or Windows domain authentication. In addition, you can create TMeter filters and rules based on user names to solve the problem of traffic billing on networks with dynamically assigned IP addresses and the problem of users spoofing IP / MAC addresses.


  • Unlimited filters on captured traffic defining network packets used for tracking / reporting.
  • Creation of rule sets for various monitoring purposes. The rule sets can be used for individual hosts, subnets and certain groups of hosts – ie all hosts on your LAN / not on your LAN, certain IP protocols (ICMP, TCP, UDP, OSPF etc.).
  • Real-time display of traffic activity via graphic diagrams. Each filter is represented by a unique color that enables the webmaster and / or administrator to easily “see” the use of the Internet connection of individual users.
  • Generation of traffic reports via XML.
  • Record traffic counters in the many popular databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, etc.
  • Keeping track of network packets for the various filters so that you can analyze and comment on the monitored traffic, which may contain MAC addresses of Ethernet headers and the ToS field of IP headers
  • HTTP host header logging
  • Create an unlimited number of user accounts and assign permission to view traffic meters remotely to a specific user.
  • User authentication through native TMeter authentication or through Windows domain authentication: Counting traffic by user name (Solves problems with counting traffic on a DHCP-based network and with spoofing of IP or MAC addresses by users).
  • Extract and process unencrypted VPN packets
  • Packet filter firewall with stateful inspection
  • Traffic Shaper (AKA Speed ​​Control)
  • Built-in NAT engine
  • Built-in forwarding DNS server
  • Built-in DHCP server
  • URL Filtering: Allows you to block websites by URL address. Create blacklists or whitelists of websites
  • Network traffic accounting by name of the process in Windows or by name of the user in Windows Terminal Server
  • Host monitoring through periodic ping and definition of a host status (“Up / Down”). Record audit events in a plain text file or database. Keeping track of the MAC address displayed on your LAN.
  • Integrated Cisco Netflow Collector v.5 (v.9). In this way, the data traffic from Netflow-enabled devices (e.g. Cisco routers, Linux or Freebsd boxes) can be counted.
  • Run as Windows services on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008/7/8 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions)

What’s new:

  • Updated database of MAC providers
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the MAC manufacturer name in the “Monitoring Events” area
  • Fixed memory leak when loading the filter set
  • Problem with deserializing events with the ‘|’ character Fixed.

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