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QOwnNotes is an open source plain text file markdown (GPL) application for GNU / Linux, Mac OS X and Windows by Patrizio Bekerle (pbek on GitHub and IRC), which (optionally) works with the notes application ownCloud or Nextcloud.

You have your own records! All notes are saved as plain text files on your desktop computer. Sync them across devices (desktop & mobile) with your Cloud or Nextcloud sync client. Use ownCloud Notes to edit your notes on the web.

You can write down your thoughts with QOwnNotes and edit or search them later from your mobile device (such as with CloudNotes) or the ownCloud / Nextcloud web service.

Notes are saved as plain text files and you can sync them with your Cloud or Nextcloud sync client. Of course other software, such as Dropbox, Syncthing, Seafile or BitTorrent Sync can also be used.

I like the concept of having notes accessible in plain text files, as is done in the Nextcloud notes app, to get maximum freedom, but I can’t find a decent desktop note-taking tool or text editor, which handles them either in conjunction with ownCloud or Nextcloud .

What’s new:

  • Counting All records in the tag panel showing the count of previously selected items have been fixed (for # 1903, thanks @ Waqar144)
  • Indent code blocks fixed when previous line is not a title (for # 1908, thanks @ Waqar144)
  • Improved autoremoval * and tick characters (for # 105, thanks @ Waqar144)

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