Download MP3jam

It’s perfectly legal and safe for personal use – it gets music from an open YouTube database. No illegal sources, no torrents or P2P algorithms.

MP3jam uses its own search algorithm to get the best results. Unlike traditional YouTube downloaders (which use YouTube search), our metasearch selects music that, at best, matches the music query.

MP3jam users can download full albums. MP3 tags are provided through the open API. The algorithm for dividing tracks into albums is the development of the MP3jam team.

MP3jam is great for downloading old and local music. Users can turn on additional music sources (e.g. to get exotic songs they want.

Full album downloads

Find and download entire music albums. With one click. MP3jam makes downloading music albums very easy.

MP3 download on the fly

MP3jam downloads music in MP3 format. This means that you can keep transferring downloaded music to iPod, iPhone, Android, MP3 player or PC.

All-in-one music jukebox

Find, preview, download and play music in one place. MP3jam is so easily organized that even your grandma can now download music.

Important: This program has opt-out software during the installation process. So read each step carefully to avoid installing additional programs on your system. Disabling these options does not affect the functionality of the main application.