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With support for movies, TV series, home videos and now music videos with distinction between music video clip and music video concert. Put simply, Media Companion provides the ability to collect information from the Internet and make that information available to you in an organized manner. The information collected includes posters, backgrounds, plot summaries, actor and actor pictures, ratings, etc., and is placed with your video files for easy addition to your library.

Movie features:

  • XBMC Movies Link – Changes in the MC update XBMC. TV support will follow later. See documentation
  • Scrape Blu-Ray folder structure.
  • Scrape movie information out of the IMDB with the built-in scraper
  • Scrape movie information out of the TMDS with the XBMC scraper.
  • Download movie posters from IMDb, TMDb, IMPA, and MPDB.
  • Download movie backgrounds from TMDb.
  • Download artwork from Fanart.Tv
  • Download movie trailers from IMDb & Yahoo!
  • View and edit all received data.
  • Saving media tags in NFO.
  • Include ‘ExtraThumbs’ & xtraFanart (For skins that support this function, films must be in individual folders.)
  • Automatic renaming with user-defined or fixed parameters
  • Automatically rename movie folders using custom or set parameters
  • Find and search movies using a selection of filters and searches.
  • Export details and graphics on HTML movies with customizable templates.

TV show features:

  • Optionally built-in TVDb scraper or XBMC-TVDb scraper
  • Automatically download information for TV shows and episodes from TVDb.
  • Download actor pictures from TVDb or IMDb.
  • Download and select the poster for the show and each season.
  • Download the episode screenshot.
  • Download artwork from Fanart.Tv
  • Take a screenshot if the download is not available.
  • Automatically rename episodes with set or custom parameters
  • Include ‘ExtraThumbs’ & ExtraFanart (For skins that support this function)
  • Saving media tags in NFO
  • View episodes that are missing from your collection.
  • View the episodes in order of the date they aired (so you can see where the specials fit).
  • Export to HTML TV details with customizable templates.

Home Movie Features:

  • Adding homemade or movies with no download information
  • Separate home movie folder
  • Set the home video title and sort the title
  • Outline, star and year fields.
  • Creation of a screenshot

What’s new:

  • Movie – 2. Fixed TMDb timing issue.
  • TV – Right option to change actor source.
  • TV – Save further data in the tvcache.xml file.

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