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PowerISO is a powerful CD / DVD image file processing and compression tool that allows you to create, extract, compress, edit, and convert CD / DVD image files and mount these files as an internal virtual drive. PowerISO supports shell integration such as context menu, drag & drop, clipboard, etc.

With PowerISO you can:

  • Process ISO / BIN image files and create a bootable CD image file. PowerISO supports almost all CD / DVD image file formats.
  • Mount the internal virtual drive image file and use the file without extracting it.
  • Compress files and folders into a compressed archive. PowerISO scans and optimizes the files while they are being compressed, so it can achieve a better compression ratio and faster compression speed.
  • Divide the archive into multiple volumes.
  • Protect the archive with a password.
  • Use the archive directly without decompressing. The PowerISO virtual drive can provide the archive directly.

Additional functions:

Create ISO file:

  • Create an ISO file or a BIN CUE file from hard drive files.
  • Create an ISO file or a BIN CUE file from a CD / DVD / BD disc.
  • Create a bootable ISO image file.
  • Detect various CD / DVD / BD image files automatically.
  • Supports ISO9660, Joliet and UDF file systems.
  • Supports the unicode filename.
  • Optimize the file layout to save space.

Edit ISO file:

  • Add files to the ISO file.
  • Delete files in the ISO file.
  • Rename files to ISO files.
  • Change the date and time of the file in the ISO file.
  • Add startup information to the ISO file to create a bootable ISO image file.

Extract ISO file:

  • Support ISO files and other popular disc image files such as BIN / CUE, DAA, UIF, DMG, MDF / MDS, ASHDISC, BWI / B5I, LCD, IMG, CDI, CIF, P01, PDI, NRG, NCD, PXI , GI, FCD, VCD, C2D, BIF and so on.
  • Supports multi-session disc image files.
  • Extract files from the ISO file.
  • View and run files contained in the ISO file.

Burn ISO file:

  • Burn ISO files and other image files to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R DL, DVD + R DL, BD-R , BD-R DL, BD-RE, BD-RE DL.
  • Burn Apple DMG files directly to CD / DVD / BD discs.
  • Burn files and folders to CD / DVD / BD discs on the fly.
  • Burn audio CDs from MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV or BIN files.
  • Burn the video image file to CD / DVD.
  • Supports two erase modes for rewritable discs: full erase and quick erase.

Mount ISO file:

  • Mount the ISO file and other popular image files as a virtual drive.
  • Supports up to 23 virtual drives.

Create an audio disc:

  • Create a standard audio CD.
  • Create a mixed mode CD.
  • Supports audio CD-TEXT.
  • Burn MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and monkey files to CD.
  • Burn bin / cue, mp3 / cue, wma / cue, wav / cue, flac / cue and ape / cue audio image files to CD.
  • Edit existing audio CD image files.
  • Support playback of audio tracks in an audio CD image file.

Audio CD ripper:

  • Rip audio CDs to MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and monkey files.
  • Rip the audio CD into the audio image files bin / cue, mp3 / cue, wma / cue, wav / cue, flac / cue and ape / cue.

ISO and BIN converter:

  • Convert ISO to BIN.
  • Convert BIN to ISO.
  • Convert Apple DMG files to ISO files.
  • Convert all popular image files to ISO files.
  • Convert all popular image files to a BIN file.

Open / Extract / Edit the Disk Image File:

  • Supports all popular virtual disc image files, e.g. B. VMWare Images for Virtual Discs (.vmdk), VirtualBox Virtual Disc Images (.vdi), Virtual PC Virtual Disc Images (*. vdi).
  • Support all floppy disk image files like BIF, FLP, DSK, BFI, BWI, BIN, IMG, etc.
  • Supports disc image files with FAT12, FAT, FAT32, NTFS and ext2, ext3 partitions.

Create a bootable USB drive:

  • Create a bootable USB drive for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
  • Supports USB-FDD, USB-ZIP and USB-HDD.

Supported CD / DVD Image Types:

  • ISO (generic CD images)
  • BIN / CUE
  • BIN (CDRWin)
  • IMA / IMG (Generic Disk Images)
  • CIF (Easy CD Creator)
  • NRG (Nero – Burning ROM)
  • IMG / CCD (CloneCD)
  • MDF / MDS (alcohol 120%)
  • VCD (Farstone Virtual Drive)
  • VaporCD (Noum Vapor CDROM)
  • P01 / MD1 / XA (gear)
  • VDI (Virtuo CD Manager)
  • C2D (WinOnCD)
  • BWI / BWT (BlinkWrite)
  • CDI (DiscJuggler)
  • TAO / DAO (duplicator)
  • PDI (instant copy)
  • DMG (APPLE Disk Image)

Supported CD / DVD file systems:

  • Standard ISO-9660
  • Joliet ISO extension (CDs under Windows 95 and higher)
  • RockRidge ISO extension (CDs on FreeBSD, Linux)
  • El Torito Extension (Bootable CDs)
  • Universal Disk Format (UDF)
  • XBOX DVD format

Simple and friendly interface:

  • Supports drag and drop.
  • Supports copy and paste to the clipboard.
  • Support multiple languages.

What’s new:

  • Can backup USB drive to image file.
  • Can restore the image file to the USB drive.
  • Some minor bug fixes and improvements.

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