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What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. It is able to display the temperature of every single core of every processor in your system. You can see temperature changes in real time with different workloads. Core Temp is also motherboard agnostic. With Core Temp, you can easily monitor the temperature of any modern x86-based processor. The program supports processors from all three major manufacturers. Intel, AMD and VIA.

Intel processors, from the “Core” series to the latest Core i7, including all derivatives. AMD processors, starting with the first Athlon64 and Opteron processor series, will support all new APUs from Phenom and AMD. VIA processors starting with the C7 generation of CPUs, including all derivatives based on the C7 architecture. All nano-based processors are also supported.

The temperature readings are very accurate as the data is captured directly from a digital thermal sensor (DTS) located in each individual processing core * near the hottest part. This sensor is digital, meaning it doesn’t need any external circuitry on the motherboard to report the temperature. Its value is stored in a special register in the processor so that the software can access and read it. This avoids inaccuracies that can be caused by external motherboard circuitry and sensors.

What’s new:

  • New: AMD Zen 3 and Zen 2 APU support
  • New: Intel Rocket Lake support
  • New: Provisional support for Alder Lake
  • New: Very tentative support for Meteor Lake
  • Fix: Message “Unsupported CPU” if HT is activated for only some cores
  • Fix: Epyc Rome / Threadripper 3rd generation platform detection
  • Fix: Gemini Lake platform detection
  • Fix: Whiskey Lake code name
  • Fix: Incorrect VID reporting on some Celeron / Pentium processors
  • Fix: Crash on Intel Banias-based (Pentium / Celeron M) processors
  • Fix: Turbo multiplier detection on Nehalem / Westmere
  • Fix: Error related to the response to DPI changes
  • Fix: VID reporting on some AMD Athlon64 processors
  • Change: Improve the accuracy of information on unsupported Intel CPUs

Previous release notes:

  • New: Intel CPU support of the 10th generation (Cannon / Ice / Comet Lake)
  • New: Packet performance measurement for AMD Zen-based CPUs
  • New: Very preliminary Intel Tigerlake support
  • New: Temporary AMD Renoir support
  • New: AMD Picasso detection
  • New: Intel Lakefield detection
  • Fix: The system hangs during the ATI SMBus dump in AIDA64
  • Fix: Crash when changing the DPI display
  • Fix: Crash when opening the settings dialog
  • Fix: The main window was resized incorrectly when the display’s DPI changes
  • Fix: High CPU usage on unsupported Intel CPUs
  • Change: Expand the information available on unsupported Intel CPUs
  • Change: Improve step detection on supported Intel CPUs
  • Change: The frequency detection for Nahelem / Westmere has been changed to ensure consistency with newer Intel CPUs

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