Download Apple iPod touch 7G iOS 14.0 Firmware Update

The iOS & iPadOS 14 SDK provides support for developing applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS & iPadOS 14. The SDK comes with Xcode 12, available from the Mac App Store. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 12, see the Xcode 12 Release Notes.


Known Issues

  • Important: Updating to iOS & iPadOS 14 from previous versions of iOS & iPadOS may take longer than expected. Data loss can occur if the update is interrupted. (59101197)
  • macOS Big Sur 11 beta 6 or Xcode 12 may be required to sync or update devices running iOS & iPadOS 14 or later.
  • macOS Big Sur 11 beta 6 is required to use image recovery for iOS & iPadOS 14 or later.

Application Clips

New features

  • Now you can use Settings>Developer Settings to test the Application Clip card. (64787288)

App store

Known Issues

  • Avoid calling the presentCodeRedemptionSheet () API until you can generate supported code. (59351258)

New features

  • SKOverlay allows downloading of applications without having to leave the current application. Overlay can also be tapped to view applications in the App Store. In the Application Clip, SKOverlay allows the user to download the corresponding complete application from within the Application Clip. (56886149)
  • You can now manage subscriptions, test upgrades, downgrades and cancellations, and reset the eligibility of introductory offers for test accounts, by tapping your sandbox account in Settings. (57248908)
  • The userInfo parameter can now be passed to the Account Authentication Modification Extension during the in-app upgrade. (64128404)
  • AVFoundation
  • New features
  • A new feature in AVAudioSession allows clients to request a stereo polar pattern from the built-in microphone. Clients selecting a stereo polar pattern should call the new AVAudioSession method to determine the orientation of the stereo input. For more information see AVAudioSession (58584572)

Core Haptics

Known Issues

  • CHHapticEngine managed through the Game Controller framework (GCDeviceHaptics) does not support CHHapticAdvancedPatternPlayer and errors appear during advanced player creation.
  • AudioCustom and audioContinuous events sent to CHHapticEngine managed through the Game Controller framework (GCDeviceHaptics) will be silently ignored. (65163373)
  • CHHapticEngine creation via class initializer is only available on iOS. For other platforms, access this machine via GCController. (65481931)

Core ML


  • Default initializers on automatically generated model interfaces are deprecated to support init (configuration :). Use the newly introduced init (configuration πŸ™‚ or .load () method and handle model load errors accordingly. (64432588)


Known Issues

  • Starting with iOS & iPadOS 14, fonts installed using configuration profiles are only available for apps that support the font API and entitlements introduced in iOS & iPadOS 13. If your app provides a custom font selection interface, the app can no longer access installed fonts via configuration profiles . For reference, see WWDC 2019 Session Font Management and Text Scaling (55317428)


New features

  • New types of data are available to track mobility metrics including walking speed, stride length, double support percentage, and more. (56387364)
  • HKElectrocardiogram allows reading of the electrocardiogram voltage data and classification recorded by the Apple Watch. (56396806)

Front view

Known Issues

  • Spotlight may not appear as expected. (64121178)
  • Solution: Restart your device.

Key-Value Observations

New features

  • Key-Value Observation removal facility now uses deterministic bookkeeping methods. Cases that would have resulted in errors that were difficult to diagnose, especially if KVO signaled problems accessing unallocated observers or observers associated with the wrong object, now generates an exception indicating exactly which object being observed requires a removeObserver (_ πŸ™‚ call that doesn’t answered, and by which observer. This exception was previously considered a ‘best effort’ when the KVO could detect a problem; new deterministic bookkeeping allows it to be thrown for all cases where removeObserver (_ πŸ™‚ is required.
  • The improved determinism also allows better handling of the Swift API. The NSKeyValueObservation example, generated by the Swift method NSObject.observe (_: changeHandler :), takes advantage of this integration with the bookkeeper so that it is now automatically invalid when the observed object is released, regardless of how the object implements its KVO behavior. This applies to all uses of this API in macOS 11 Big Sur beta, including processes built with previous versions of the SDK, and removes certain crash classes that are sometimes required using legacy APIs instead. (65051563)


New features

  • Three Simplified Chinese Wubi input methods are now supported: Wubi 86, Wubi 98, and Wubi New Century. (56277474)
  • QuickPath now supports swiping English words on the Simplified Chinese Pinyin keyboard. (56314466)
  • Typing numbers using the Japanese Kana keyboard has been significantly improved. (56285976)
  • CarPlay keyboard support has been added for more than 100 additional languages. (56791047)
  • Irish and Norwegian Nynorsk Gaelic Keyboards now support AutoCorrect. (53156919, 48183197)


New features

  • New APIs are available for using os_log from Swift as part of the os framework:
  • The new type, Logger, can be instantiated using subsystems and categories and provides methods for logging at different levels (Logger.debug, Logger.error, Logger.fault).
  • The Logger API supports defining most of the formatting and privacy options supported by the legacy Logging API.
  • The new API provides significant performance improvements over the old API.
  • You can now pass Swift string interpolation to the os_log function.
  • Note: the new API cannot be reused; however, the existing os_log API is still available for re-implementation. (22539144)


Known Issues

  • After updating to iOS & iPadOS 14 beta 2 or later, user data, such as Favorites, Collections, and Recent is no longer synced with devices running earlier versions of iOS & iPadOS. (65005848)


New features

  • Experimental HTTP / 3 support can be enabled in Safari Settings> Advanced> Experimental Features, and enabled system-wide in Developer settings. (62969220)


New features

  • In order to properly render an augmented reality Scene with the post-processing effects available in RealityKit, the pipeline now writes depth information when rendering translucent material. This makes the order of the meshes drawn more impactful for the final image. To create the correct content for this pipeline, break the large mesh into smaller sections, especially as the meshes are woven. (66535399)


New features

  • You can use INMediaUserContext, Core Spotlight, and Intents to improve media interaction and App Selection. For more information, see Improving Siri Media Interaction and App Selection. (67026608)

Safari and WebKit

New features

  • Webpage translations are now available in the US and Canada. Supported languages ​​include English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Safari will automatically detect if translations are available based on your list of Preferred Languages. (64437861)


Known Issues

  • KeyboardShortcut (content πŸ™‚ modifiers and commands are currently not working. (65704705)
  • Rebuilding against the iOS 14 SDK will modify the custom instance (_: size πŸ™‚ to suit dynamic types. To make a font that doesn’t scale with a dynamic type, use custom (_: fixedSize :). (51463566)
  • The SignInWithAppleButton view extends to fill its container. (64136568)
  • Solution: Apply a frame modifier.

New features

  • body is now implicitly a ViewBuilder and body is now implicitly a SceneBuilder. (63606493)
  • Color can be changed to and from CGColor. ColorPicker can now also be configured by binding to CGColor. (56939085)
  • Introducing the ToolbarItemGroup as a convenient way to place multiple items in a specific location of a non-customizable toolbar. (64178863)
  • ProgressView now supports adding a secondary “current value label” that describes the current progress rate for the task. Use labels to describe the entire task, and ProgressViewStyleConfiguration.CurrentValueLabel to provide more specific details about the progress of the task. (63580200)
  • FileDocument and ReferenceFileDocument have updated protocol requirements:
  • Their initializer requirement now has a single FileDocumentReadConfiguration parameter from which fileWrapper and contentType can be read.
  • Their write () function which is expected to write to the incoming FileWrapper parameter is now a fileWrapper () function which returns a FileWrapper instead.
  • The document-based application templates in Xcode have been updated to reflect changes in this API.
  • Source compatibility with previous requirements will eventually be removed. (65146043)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands are now available on iOS & iPadOS. (62614998)
  • The image is now edited when the edit (reason πŸ™‚ is applied. (65047189)
  • InlinePickerStyle is now available and allows Pickers to appear inline with other content in surrounding containers. Styles will customize their appearance for different containers and platforms, such as individual menu items in menus. (59868844)
  • MenuPickerStyle is now available and allows the Picker to present its options in the menu. This style will show its options in the submenu when the Picker is in the Menu, ContextMenu, or CommandMenu. (65515392)
  • Lists can now be used with a ScrollViewReader. (35471164)
  • Text gets a new initializer which accepts Formatter. (63641785)
  • Menus is now supported on iOS & iPadOS and can be used to create a button that displays a menu as its main action. (59725999)
  • A new editorial reason API to apply placeholder Text treatment is now available. (63288447)
  • The ImportFilesAction and ExportFilesAction API have been replaced with a new set of view modifiers.

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