Does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy mean the end of your privacy?

In this episode of Orbital, we discuss WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and what it means for your data. Technical Attorney and Legal Director of (Software Freedom Law Center) Mishi Choudhary joins host Pranay Parab to talk about it. We’ll start this episode with a discussion of what the WhatsApp privacy policy change means for you. WhatsApp has been sharing data with Facebook for a long time, but what has changed now? How is WhatsApp’s previous data sharing agreement with Facebook different from what it is now offering? Mishi answers all of these questions in detail.

Then we talk about why you should be very careful of changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. We’ll mention why you should worry about advertising companies collecting huge amounts of information about your daily life, and we tell you what you can do to avoid it. Next, we discuss whether this recent outrage over WhatsApp’s privacy policy will result in a mass exodus or a return to the status quo in a matter of days. Here we suggest great alternatives to WhatsApp, which include Signal – one of the best privacy-conscious messaging apps in the world right now. Finally, we’ll talk about what steps you can take to make sure you don’t get stuck on platforms that are harmful to your privacy and why it is very important.

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