Apple tops the 2020 list of the best global brands, with Instagram and Zoom making the cut

Apple is the top brand of 2020 on the Interbrand Best Global Brands 2020 list. The personal tech giant took first place with an impressive 38 percent growth in supposed brand value – a fraction of the company’s actual market valuation of about $ 2 trillion (147 lakh crores) – to nearly $ 323 billion (around Rs .) Keep 23 lakh crores) and secure first place again. More impressive, however, was the surge from Amazon, whose brand value is up 60 percent and ranks second at $ 200 billion (around 14.7 lakh crores).

Microsoft slightly overthrew Google to make it into Interbrand’s top 3 this year list of the most valued brands. Its brand value is up a whopping 53 percent to $ 166 billion (approximately 12.2 billion rupees). The Google brand, on the other hand, shrank 1 percent to slip to fourth place, which Microsoft made very tight at 165.4 billion US dollars (around 12.1 billion rupees). Samsung in fifth place with a brand value of $ 62 billion (about 4.5 billion rupees) has something to do with big tech. Ironically, that list follows a massive lawsuit against Google. The influence of big tech and its ways to gain it has put it in the crosshairs of regulators and lawmakers in many countries.

The three top brands, all of them technology, have gained an average of 50 percent in value. The report notes that the turbulent year split the list in two – the brands that benefited from the effects of the pandemic and those that did not. The next five on the list, for example all non-tech, grew negatively. Coca Cola at $ 56.8 billion (approximately 4.1 lakh crores) at six, Toyota at $ 51.5 billion (approximately 3.8 lakh crores) at seven, Mercedes at $ 49 billion (approximately 3.6 lakh crores) in eighth place, McDonald’s in ninth place with $ 42.8 billion (about 3.1 lakh crores), and Disney in the top with $ 40.7 billion (about 3 lakh crores) Ten to close.

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to human contact and technology has tried to fix it with a workaround. The best global brands of 2020 have four new entrants, three of which are technology brands. Instagram joins at 19, YouTube at 30 and Zoom at 100. This is a special achievement for Zoom, the fledgling video conferencing company that, during these troubled times, has developed a socially distant bailout plan to become one of the world’s top brands. And it’s no surprise it has taken the world by storm. According to the report, Zoom’s market cap is up a whopping 389 percent and revenue is up 270 percent over the past 12 months. The brand is valued at $ 4.4 billion (approximately rupees 32,300) by the report. The only other brand to come on the list for the first time is Johnnie Walker, ranked 98th, valued at $ 4.5 billion (about Rs 33,100).

Another notable mention on this year’s list is Spotify, which is up a brilliant 52 percent, increasing its brand value to $ 8.3 billion (about 61,000 rupees), and is at number 70.

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