Apple One launched in India: how to sign in

Apple One – the subscription bundle that includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage – was released on Friday, October 30th, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced. During the iPhone manufacturer’s quarterly earnings call on Thursday local time in the US, Cook announced that Apple One would launch “tomorrow,” which means Friday in the US. Apple services and updates typically go live in the US Pacific in the morning. So expect Apple One to be available in India Friday night. Apple One costs Rs. 195 / $ 15 per month (for individuals) or Rs. 365 / $ 20 per month (for families). You can now sign up for Apple One in India and other markets.

Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 GB of iCloud storage are offered as part of Apple One Individual. When you upgrade to Apple One Family, you get 200GB of iCloud storage. All benefits can be shared with up to six family members as part of family sharing. A third tier is available in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US – Apple One Premier ($ 30 per month) – which also includes Apple News + and the new Apple Fitness + (which has not yet been launched), and the iCloud- Storage increased to 2 TB.

How to sign in to Apple One

To sign up for Apple One, go to the App Store Tap your profile picture. Then tap Subscriptions. You will tap on next Try it nowunder “Get Apple One”. That’s all – you are on the free trial for a month and then have to pay to continue using Apple One.

Individually, subscriptions to all of these services add up to much more. Apple Music costs Rs. 49 / $ 5 per month for students, Rs. 99 / $ 10 per month for individuals, and Rs. 149 / $ 15 per month for families (of six members). Both Apple TV + and Apple Arcade are available in Rs. $ 99 / $ 5 per month (including family participation). iCloud costs Rs. 75 / $ 1 per month (50 GB), Rs. 219 / $ 3 per month (200 GB) or Rs. 749/10 USD per month (2 TB). Both Apple News + and Apple Fitness + are $ 10 per month (including family sharing).

With Apple One Individual, you see a saving of Rs. 177 / $ 6 + every month, Rs. 201 / $ 8 + with Apple One Family, and $ 25 + with Apple One Premier. Of course, this is only possible if you sign up for every service included in the subscription package.

In addition to the Apple One launch date, Cook announced that Apple set a record in many markets, including India, in the September quarter, where it opened its own online store in late September. Two categories – Macs and Apple Services – hit records in the September quarter.

Apple One launches worldwide on October 30th. This was announced at the Apple event in mid-September.


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