Apple confirms the MagSafe charger can make an impact on iPhone 12 cases

Apple’s MagSafe charging feature, launched along with the iPhone 12 series earlier this month, is expected to bring far-reaching benefits that Moto Mods couldn’t. MagSafe is being touted as a trailblazer for accessory manufacturers, and a colorful selection of magnetic cases, wallets and chargers are already on the market. Apple, of course, has created a new support page that will let users know how to get the most out of their new devices and the cool magnetic charger. One of the few limitations is that the charger can leave a circular impression on some iPhone 12 cases and accessories.

The fact that the charger can make its mark on the iPhone 12 accessories is mentioned in the fine print Apple support page. It’s especially annoying because Apple glorified MagSafe’s ability to charge the phones with the covers on. And although the support page states that the potential problem is only with leather bags, a user released one as well image on MacRumors who claim the MagSafe charger left its circular marks on a silicone case in just one day. It’s only been three days since the iPhone 12 made available.

Apple has also warned users not to put things like credit cards, security IDs, passports, etc. between their phones and the MagSafe charger. This could damage the magnetic strips and RFID chips on the cards. The site also states that the new snap-on chargers may get warm and the software can limit charging to 80 percent if overheated.

Another particularly harmful piece of news for the iPhone 12 series came out on October 14th released TechSina quotes a blogger who claims that some iPhone 12s on display in a store in China have had their colors peeled off. The report included pictures of the blogger to support the claim. Though the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on Friday October 23rd had large numbers of people in stores in China, the report speculated that frequent touches were the cause of the phone’s terrible condition.

Separate tipster Max Weinbach said The glass bottom of his new iPhone 12 Pro cracked for no apparent reason even though it was received a replacement from Apple. In one recent tweetHe noticed scratches on demo devices in a T-Mobile store.

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