Amazon Prime Video’s “Watch Party” now in India. Here’s how to set it up

Amazon Prime Video’s “Watch Party” feature – similar to a third-party Netflix party extension – is now available in India. With “Watch Party” you can stream a Prime Video title with up to 100 friends and family members (provided that everyone involved also has an Amazon Prime membership) and chat with them in a sidebar. Amazon takes care of the video and audio synchronization. All you have to do is choose a title (and get the popcorn). This makes Amazon the first major streaming platform in India to develop its own group monitoring function that works everywhere.

To get started, go to in a web browser. Amazon’s “Watch Party” is currently limited to computer browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. (Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported.) Once signed in, find the song you want to share with others. The front page should: a Watch party Button (as below). For TV shows is the Watch party The button is also available next to each individual episode. As soon as you click Watch partyyou will be asked to choose a screen name before you can click Create watch party (as above). You will then receive a link that you can share with others.

Prime Video Watch Party Button Prime Video Watch Party

Photo credit: Amazon

Your friends and family must also use a computer browser to attend your Amazon Prime Video “Watch Party”. The person who created the Watch Party has access to video controls including pause, play, rewind, and fast forward Amazon notes. This is unlike Netflix Party, where anyone can pause, play, rewind, and fast forward on the stream. At Amazon’s “Watch Party”, the only control for participants is the choice of audio and subtitle language. This is not possible with Netflix Party because the browser extension was not created by Netflix itself.

Amazon originally introduced the “Watch Party” in the US in July. If you are hoping to watch Prime Video with your friends and family in the US, you will be disappointed to know that, unlike the Netflix party, Amazon’s “Watch Party” does not work across borders.


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