According to the Xiaomi survey, 63 percent of customers have bought smart home devices

A new study by Xiaomi found that the number of buyers of smart home products has risen sharply since March 2020. According to the survey, 70 percent of consumers said they changed their living environment because they spent more time at home during the pandemic. With so many more people working from home, it’s no surprise that 51 percent of consumers said they bought at least one smart device during that time.

The survey was carried out by Wakefield Research under 1,000 nationally representative US adults. Participants took part in an online survey between December 11 and 16, 2020.

Three out of five respondents said it had become difficult for them to find another place to relax at home because their leisure and work environments had become one. 63 percent of the study participants bought smart home devices, 79 percent configured at least one room in their house and 82 percent adapted a room to work from home.

Daniel Desjarlais, Global Product Marketing Manager at Xiaomi said of the study: “Smart living has always been about redefining and optimizing physical space in order to solve problems and adapt to new realities through the use of technology. We have seen this acceptance accelerate in 2020 ”.

He went on to explore how connected homes, automated systems, and new technologies are helping people create new ecosystems in their homes, including adapting new uses to old spaces or creating a leaner home.

The majority of people have adapted existing rooms to serve new purposes. This makeshift spacing arrangement was popular with all age groups – 63 percent of respondents adjusted their rooms to stay more at home. The makeshift arrangement was particularly popular with young people as 91 percent of Gen Z and 80 percent of Millennials also changed their living spaces.

Since March, consumers have bought an average of two new smart devices for their homes. The number rose to 3 smart home devices on average for Gen Z. 82 percent of participants agreed that a home with smart devices offers remarkable benefits.

The trend continues as consumers began to view smart home devices as part of their long-term solutions. 60 percent of consumers will continue to use their home for activities that are normally done elsewhere. 39 percent of consumers will upgrade their devices and 41 percent will redesign a room if home stay orders continue through 2021.

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